Every adventure requires a first step~ Alice in wonderland

I woke up in the morning and a half willingly opened my eyes looking for a wagging tail and my Persian cat, only to be dawned upon the fact that no more I was at home, but in my new abode. I shifted to Gurgaon for a course two weeks back from Mumbai. Some of you might wonder, a Bombay girl in Gurgaon? Well, exactly what my family and friends thought. But then that’s the thing about destiny, you never can say what is in store!

I was born is Dehradun, but brought up in Bombay. So you can say that I have been a mumbaiite all through my growing years. And as many of you might have heard, once you stay in Bombay, it is difficult to stay anywhere else.  I had never imagined myself coming and staying in Gurgaon.  In fact, for the last 24 years, I have stayed in a protective shell and never dared to come out of my comfort zone. All through my growing years, I have spent more time with books than with people.  My books have been my bff’s for the longest time I can remember and that’s why you will come across many quotes that have inspired and enchanted me from my reads.

At 24, I realized it was time to take the leap of faith. I told myself that I can do it and need to move away to return back as a strong independent woman.  My family has been very supportive, but they had their doubts. However, I knew that something good was in store for me and all I had to do was have faith! I am blessed to have some people in my life, who believe that I am capable of so much more. And here I am, with no idea about how the city will treat me for next seven months, but contrary to what I have heard, I hope it treats me good.  Post these seven months, I fly down to Monaco, France for my specialization ( Now I hear some woot woot :p) None of my friends were excited about the Gurgaon part!

I am excited but equally scared and nervous, Nevertheless, I decided to take the fall down the rabbit hole. This blog is my memoir that talks about my ‘First of Everything’ and my everyday life that is sometimes colorful, sometimes dull, yet always seen with bright and hopeful eyes!