“In order to attain Luxury, first learn how to manage it” ~ LCBS

Having completed my MBA in Media and Communication alongside with a PGDLM in Advertising & branding, I worked for a year and a half in a syndication firm, effectively included in selling of content and went about as a CRM Executive, but then I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my work and hence couldn’t give my best. Though, I am glad that I came across some wonderful people during my work tenure and grew up as an individual and a professional.

Sometimes, you feel that you’re capable of so much more but don’t know which direction to choose. I have always been passionate about Branding, Marketing, and Communications. As a part of my research project during my MBA, I did a social media case study on Burberry. This had generated my curiosity in the luxury sector and I became curious to know more. During my working tenure, I decided to pursue a course in Luxury Brand Management and started looking for the colleges.

To be honest, my parents, my friends, and colleagues did question me, as to why I wanted to study further? Is the value of the course worth it? And so on…! Moreover, I myself was feeling guilty to approach my dad and ask him to put in more money for my education and then the constant fear of the ‘Job’ kept lurking in my mind. Should I really leave the current job? Will I get a good job in future? Will my pay justify my education fee? My friends were all climbing the career ladder and here I was going back to being a student! I was too confused. For the record, I have always enjoyed being a student. Let’s say, I have always been a teacher’s pet 😉

In spite of all the confusion and qualms, I knew one thing for sure, is that something good was in store for me and all I needed was to have faith. I guess my faith was bigger than my fear! Also, I am blessed to have some inspiring mentors in my life, who have always encouraged me and have said, “Mehak, I know you will shine!” The faith of these people pushes me to work hard and prove them right! I quit my job and enrolled for the course.

From the very first moment at the institute, I felt at home and knew that I was at the right place. After all, I was doing what I love! On the second day of the induction, I find myself standing in the Dior store interacting with the store manager! In spite of me hailing from Bombay, it was overwhelming to interact with the store manager and get the whole vibe of the luxury brand. I’d never dared to enter these stores for the simple reason of affordability and had managed to get my hands only on their perfumes. Oh, Did I mention that I got the chance to pose with the classic Dior bag worth Rupees 2.7 lac! 😉 (Perks of the course). The three days of Induction and Introduction to the course evolved me from a mere information gatherer to a knowledge absorber. All geared up to start my journey and be a part of a world beyond ordinary! Closing off with a quote from one of my favorite Luxury brand;

“The best things in life are free. The second best are expensive.” ~ Coco Chanel

I am here to manage the second best things in life! Wish me luck 😉