“When people are away from home, they do things they might not normally do.” Now, how true is that! My biggest concern when I was shifting to Gurgaon was my abode and the food. Since, I never really gave cooking a try (I can see my mom raising an eyebrow and my father frowning); I was looking for a PG that provided me with food. Luckily in Gurgaon you have many PG’s that offer you breakfast and dinner. A Sigh of relief! Anyways, I was lucky enough to find a family and an abode that felt like home from the very first moment. Right from my room, the food and cleanliness (very important for me!) everything was just perfect. Hailing from Bombay, we live in cramped up flats with no balcony and terraces to our fancy. Traffic and concrete jungle are the only sights that you fancy every day! I have always wondered what if, we too could have a central park-like space in Bombay. I know, I know, that’s highly impossible. Me and my fantasies! Sometimes they get a little overboard. 😉 My new house has a terrace, a balcony and so much greenery around. No traffic and pollution! I think I am going to love my new place! But to my surprise, for the first 2-3 days, the quietness around was an uncomfortable feeling. Talk about the first world problems!ny_central_park

Since, I am not sharing my space with anyone now, my expenses are little more than what I had planned. But this has only made me more responsible. Like a miser, I keep thinking of the ways that I can save money and then use it in the future for my shopping splurge 😉 Because, I know no matter how much I try, I always want more clothes, books, bags and the list goes on. These few weeks have taught me to prioritize my expenses. Now, I only buy things that I need and not want! I switch off my light and fan while moving out of my room even for a few minutes and switch off my wifi when not needed. Hell! I have even started giving missed calls to my family members. I have realized that saving money is more difficult than earning it. No more window shopping and online shopping for me. Trying to mellow down the online shopping addict in me!

Before joining this course, I was worimages (1)king for a year and a half and was earning a decent salary. Although, my father kept saying that I should inculcate the habit of saving, I wanted to enjoy the initial phase of earning and splurge. Staying away from home has taught me the biggest education, the art of saving! It has fostered in me the quality of self-denial, having forethought and has broadened my mind. It’s not because my father can’t afford. He has always strived hard to give us the best and keeps calling me to check if I have bought fruits for myself and if I need more money. My dad is a little fanatic when it comes to fruits! He wants you to consume them every day and hence the fruits shopping department is handled by him back home. Also, because he is never satisfied with the fruits that others get. :/ I simply want to reduce his expense burden and contribute in whatever little way I can.

P.S. Confession: I am saying money for my trip to Monaco. I have a ‘To-Buy’ list already ready! 😉 Ha Ha

P.S.S. The beautiful house that you see in the picture is

my new abode? Isn’t it beautiful?