No, I am not humming one of Enrique’s songs! I mean literally don’t turn off the lights because I can’t sleep in the dark alone.

So, as I told you guys before that I am staying in a PG and it’s quite a big bungalow, three floors to be precise. My room is on the third floor with only one more room on the same floor. But the girl staying in that room keeps traveling often, so she isn’t around much. Why do families here with four people need such a big house? Anyways, in Bombay , I stay in a 3BHK flat and share room with my sister. Well, you can say, I just had started sharing it with her, since she was away for five years for her Doctorate degree (Yay, I have a beautiful dentist sister!). The point is that I never had to stay alone and more specifically sleep alone! Even when my sister was away for her studies, I had my permanent maid, who used to sleep in my room, my Persian cat and sometimes my dog too ( Sometimes because my dog hates leaving my mom’s side!). And my parents’ room was opposite to me and my granny’s beside me. So, even if, one of the ghosts or haunted dreams decided to visit me, I practically had to go to the next room. Believe me, I have done that many times!


Switch to Gurgaon, I am staying alone in my room and no one else is staying on my floor even! Besides, the washroom is outside my room (I hate this). For five days flat, I slept with the lights ON! As soon as I used to lie down on my bed for sleeping, all the creepy feeling used to set in! Worse, on the first night, it rained heavily and the windows started banging heavily. Can you imagine? I was petrified like hell! Hell, I reduced my water intake in the night before going to bed, so I didn’t have to go to the loo. And I LOCKED my door as if a danger lurked outside! I always wonder that I have watched more fairytale movies than horror ones. Still, I never have prince charming coming in my dream? Like always, they are never present when you need them! *Rolling Eyes*


But, not anymore!

I decided that it could not go on. Not only, I was having a disturbed sleep because of the lights on, but also I was worried about my electricity bill ( money crunch, remember?). And there, on the sixth day, I gathered all the courage I had and switched off the lights! Yes, I did it. Though the troubled sleep continued till next two days, but on the third day, I slept like a baby. Finally, I had conquered my fear. Also, post that there have  been a few instances when the family I am staying with had to be away until 10.30 pm for family functions and I had to be alone in the entire house! Yes, big three-floor house all alone! However, by now I had conquered my fear and moved like a Batman in the whole house :p Not scared anymore! Well, maybe a little less than before 😉 Finally, I can say to myself: