Have you ever felt betrayed? Like, not getting a toy with your happy meal at McDonald’s or opening the Boomer chewing gum wrapper and not finding a tattoo? If you did, then you will relate to what I am feeling!

So, as I told you before that I am here in Gurgaon for a course, a Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Brand Management. While it might sound extravagant, but trust me it’s a whole lot of a hard work and passion that you require to stick through. It’s intense and demands your full attention, but having said that, it has its perks as well. The exposure and knowledge are so enriching, I wouldn’t be anywhere else! Anyways, the closest and maximum exposure to luxury that I have had is with perfumes. I love perfumes and my dad has been kind enough to always gift me the best ones. My favorite ones are Burberry, Dior, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. My closed ones even joke that it has to do with my name, Mehak (Means fragrance in Hindi).


So as a part of our course, we have these pronunciation classes that teach us to pronounce the brand names correctly. We all have faced this one problem when people pronounce our name in a hideous way! Like, I don’t like when people pronounce my name wrong! Why would you say Me-haak?  Similarly, I am sure brands would be feeling hurt the same way 😉


Coming to my betrayal part, I was surprised that I was pronouncing the name of one of my favorite perfume brand wrong the entire time! It’s like you kissed the frog and it didn’t turn into a handsome prince much to your belief. The brand is Givenchy, which is pronounced as ‘jhee-von-shee” and I have been saying it ‘Give-ven-chy’ all through my life.  On a  lighter note, why have letters in a word that are useless? I mean look at the brand called ‘Hermes’, which is pronounced as ‘Air-mehz’, the letter ‘H’ here is as useless as a ‘Smoking Kills’ warning on a pack of a cigarette. :p But if you’re in the business, you have to know the right pronunciation even if it means giving a little stress to your epiglottis for the right sound. 😉


The sad part is that the stores that you visit to buy these products have also been pronouncing it wrong. It’s shocking that the brands personnel, who are representing the brand do not know how to pronounce the brand name correctly. Skilled and quality education is what is plaguing our country. There is a constant gap between the skills attained and the skilled demanded and it’s time we move beyond the standard textbook and PowerPoint Presentation learnings and concentrate our efforts on work-based learning. That’s the reason we find the best salesperson in the most traditional setup, who didn’t go to any college to learn to sell a product. They sat in the market, observed their customers and have been modifying their way of selling for the years.

Hoping for a better future!

P.S. I am sure, you all know about Grammar Nazi, Someone who believes it’s their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe. In my dictionary, I have a word called French Nazi (No, there isn’t a word like that). A French Nazi is someone who is extremely sensitive about how you pronounce a french name with a correct sound. I am surrounded with so many of them and hence the brushing of my pronunciation skills! Are you surrounded by a French Nazi? Or tell me about a brand you know with the most bizarre pronunciation? Also, can’t stop laughing at the below picture :p