We always have a habit of taking things  for granted, especially when it comes to home cooked meals by our mother. I remember back home, I used to keep telling my mom to not keep making the same old stuff and try and make a new dish every day. Mind you, my mom makes super yummy food ( thanks to the Punjabi culinary skills) , but I used to get bored with the same vegetables and curry. My friends on the other hands were crazy about my home cooked meal. The grass is always greener on the other side!

Cute little boy frowning over his meal while playing with toys

If that was not enough, I had the never ending demands like how I always wanted my food piping hot, a bowl of curd, pickle and some onions to go along. On the days, my mother made Potato vegetable, I asked her to make a separate dish for me since I am not fond of Potato. Never enjoyed hot puris on my plate and asked mom to  specially make roti’s for me ( Blame my Punjabi metabolism that doesn’t allow me to go easy on carbs!). No white bread, no extra butter and so on! There have been instances when I have gone starving or got angry when the food served to me was not what I wanted. My mother blames my father and tells me that I have inherited this ‘choosy’ habit from my dad 😉  Deep down it does make me feel happy and I often tease mom saying, ‘Like father, like daughter’ :p (she hates it).

But, as they say, Never say never! Here in PG all my whims and fancies about my food have gone for a toss! Whatever is served to me, I happily savor it thanking my stars that at least I am getting a ready meal on my table. There are days when my food is straight out from the fridge, my plate has no curd or onions, my bread has extra butter and the only vegetable on my plate to eat is Potato! Sometimes, it’s the same vegetable for two days in a stretch. My lunch happens at 4.30 pm and I return home so tired and famished that filling the stomach is more important. No family around to enjoy the lunches! Time has a wonderful way of teaching us the value of things. The things that I was taking for granted earlier are the one’s that I am praying for now.


I am sure my mom will be the happiest that her daughter has not completely followed her dad’s footsteps Ha Ha… 😀

Mother’s homecooked food is not for the body, it’s for the soul. I miss home now! Stop and appreciate Good Food, Love and Family.