Somethings just fill your heart without even trying!

I have mentioned earlier how much I miss my family, but what I didn’t mention was how much I terribly miss my extended family, my pets! We have always had pets in our home while growing up. And usually, we didn’t settle with a usual dog and a cat. In the past, I’ve had rabbits too staying at my place. Currently, I have a dog, a Persian cat, turtle, tortoise, fishes, Indian Parrots and love birds. Yes, the list is pretty long 😉 My friends often call my abode as a mini zoo.

My forever sleepy head, Bruno!


I am personally more attached to my dog and my cat. While shifting here, I had no idea that I would miss them so much! Back home in Bombay, I woke up with my cat beside me and my dog roaming around the house wagging his tail.  I used to spend the time cuddling my pets, playing with them and shooting innumerable videos of their funny moments. Sadly, here in Gurgaon, I don’t have them around. There are times when I wish that my dog would suddenly appear with his ball in the mouth or my cat would come and pull my hair (Yes, he is the naughty one). And now whenever I spot a dog on the road I go crazy! The other day, there was this cute Labrador outside my college and I just couldn’t resist. Poor thing went away with so many lipstick marks on his forehead and face: P

That’s my cat making himself comfortable on my books!


To have a pet is a blessing in disguise. They are your only loyal companion in both happy and sad times and are the purest spirits in the world. How I wish I could have a horse as a pet too! Trust me, if you never had a pet, you have never witnessed an unconditional love. I am glad to have so many angels around me, who are seen as animals by the world. People always tells me that you can either be a cat or a dog person. But I am both! Here is a picture of my munchkins, Bruno and Leo;


Can’t wait to return back home and cuddle them ❤

P.S. You had me at “Hello” but you lost me at “I don’t like dogs”