The most dreaded question, is where do you see yourself five years down the line? I mean it’s good to plan and have your goals in place, but honestly isn’t life highly unpredictable ? If you would have asked me the same question when I was in school, my answer would have been, a successful teacher ( I used to love all the attention and gifts that my teachers used to get :p ) The answer to the same question in my graduation was, a successful HR manager. Clearly, none of this happened and I did my post graduation in media studies! During that tenure, I wanted to establish myself in an Ad agency, but that didn’t happen either. I realized it isn’t what I really wanted to do, and now in a place, I clearly didn’t imagine myself at five years ago!

And like they say, ‘Life’s most beautiful moments are unpredictable.’ ❤ Anyways, so if you ask me where I see myself five years down the line, I wouldn’t know! Until, now! Yesterday, while sitting in the lecture, I had the answer to this question and I had to share it with you people.

One of my favorite brands is Tiffany and Co, yes the happiness that comes in a blue box! 😉 I read a book long back called ‘Christmas at Tiffany’ and I fell in love with the brand. And also the various Hollywood chick flicks where the blue box was shown, made me an aspirational customer of the brand. Who said red is the only color of love?


The other thing that I deeply dream about, is Ireland, the place where happy endings are possible and strange tales float in the air! Blame it on the movie, P.S., I love you and the so many  Nora Robert’s books that I read, I feel that I have an Irish heart beating in my chest & feel maybe I lived there in my previous birth?! Ha Ha…I am clearly Ireland obsessed. It’s all about castles and the Trinity library! I am so visiting the village you see in the picture below ❤


Coming to my answer, five years down the line I see myself with a “Tiffany ring on my finger and Ireland stamp on my passport”.

I don’t know what designation I will be at, what profession I would be pursuing, I just know that I will be doing something that I love, I will be happy and will have two items ticked off my bucket list. I don’t want to be a part of any race, I just want to be a better person, who is happy and content from within. I might not have made it large, but I will continue chasing the moon, write a book and dreaming about everything that is beautifully unreachable.

Till then, she is full of dreams, and I hope they come true one day. 🙂

Would love to know your answers below 🙂



P.S. Just to make sure, I do pay attention during my lectures too 😛