Okay, I have been away for 2 weeks. Exams and then Diwali. Also, I had been to Bombay for my Diwali break. It was a short 3 days trip back home. A homecoming that made me feel all the below emotions;


First, Diwali is and will always remain my favorite festival! I just love the zeal and festive mood around. Second, to return home to your pets is the best sight ever. The moment I rung the bell, my dog came jumping and pounced on me. And my cat was at his usual ‘I am so cool’ attitude, but I was lucky to get his glance and stole the chance to kiss and cuddle him. Third & foremost good thing is that your wi-fi connects immediately! (Talk about the first world problems!). And last but definitely not the least is the ‘celebrity feeling’ that you get when you return home after long, especially if it’s for a shorter duration. My mom and my sister made sure my favorite food was prepared and my dad for a change didn’t ask me to contribute to household chores! 😛  Also it was great to see my close friends, who managed to remove time and came to meet me with the warmest hugs and heart full of love. Did I mention the on-arrival gifts spread for me on the bed by my sister?! I know I have the best sister. 😉

But besides these, I experienced an unexplained emotion. A feeling of being detached from my city. This emotion scares me! During those three days in Bombay, I was looking forward to returning to my bedroom, the terrace, the lush green canopy covered lane, the quietness, and the approaching winters….I was looking back to return to Gurgaon! It’s strange for me because I truly believe that Bombay is the best city to live in when you talk about living in India, especially when it’s about women safety. And moreover, you don’t get the scrumptious Bhel puri and Sev puri that Bombay streets offer! But even before I shifted to Gurgaon, Bombay has been distancing itself from me. Day by day it’s becoming an overpopulated concrete jungle and mind you a noisy one! Poor infrastructure, particularly high cost of real estate and commuting hassles by public transportation is a constant deterrent. I understand that every city has its own problems and please know that I will always love my city, But now at this phase of my life, Bombay does not feel like a homecoming. I constantly feel like I am part of a race and sometimes the mechanical life gets suffocating!


And now I know why they say that Home is a Feeling and not a Place. Or maybe I am suffering from a  long distance relationship syndrome?  Maybe I need to go far away and see if Bombay tugs my heart like a lost lover?!