Laundry today or Naked tomorrow!

All things considered, it may come as an astound to you, that only a couple days back I had my first experience of laundry cleaning by hand! And believe me, the first thing I said after I was done was, thank god we have washing machines and moms! I mean seriously 😉 They are just so underrated.

The maid who usually washes my clothes went for ten days holiday and it’s a different story that it’s already twenty days and still no news of her returning. Anyways earlier, I didn’t give much thought to my laundry basket, until, the clothes started piling up and I realized that the maid is not coming anytime sooner. So, last Sunday I finally sat down to do the laundry cleaning. You see the baby below with that expression? Yes, I had the similar one all over my face! I had to literally call my sister and ask her the entire procedure right from the quantity of the washing powder to be added to the exact time I should soak the clothes in the water. The first thing my sister asked me was, ‘why? What happened to you today?’ She just knows me too well! Ha Ha


Finally, with her instructions I managed to do the task, but then realized my ordeal didn’t end there. For I still had to remove them from the water, twist them to squeeze out the remaining water and finally hang them to dry! Phew :p Thank you god for our supermoms and the washing machine, I never had to give a thought to my laundry back home! One of the many things we take for granted.

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I had the same feeling as quoted in the picture above when I was done! After my clothes dried, I folded them with so much care and treated them just like a baby! I also made sure I didn’t spoil or dirty them for I had no intentions to do the whole laundry task anytime soon. When I said I am up for adventures and growing mature as a person, I didn’t mean laundry! In any case, on a genuine note, I am happy I had this experience. As my father dependably lets me know, not really you need to do it later on, yet you ought to dependably know how to finish the job needing to be done.

Comment below if you agree with the words in the image below! My mom would! 😉

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