Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change. A small act of kindness always goes a long way to making you feel content and happy from within.

Sharing my experience of two selfless acts that touched my heart and made me emotional.

The college I go to is gifted by a wonderful individual, named Pandeyji. He looks after the tea and refreshments arrangement for the staff and is sweet enough to extend his service to the students as well. Besides that, he looks after the general operations and is always helpful whenever we need him. At whatever point I approach him for a cup of coffee, he always brings it with a smile for me. Sometimes the purity and genuineness of a person touch your heart in a special way.

A while back, when I went home to Bombay for a week, I came back with some cash and gift for him. The smile on his face was inestimable! As was his gratitude. Some weeks later, he walked up to me and handed me a box of sweets that he specially brought for me from his town Almora! That gesture made me so emotional and got me teary-eyed in light of the fact that it was so startling! Since it was a festive season, I had received many gifts, done a lot of shopping and also received cash from elders as a blessing, but nothing absolutely nothing touched my heart the way this small box of sweets did. Believe me, at that moment, I felt blessed and alive! I said a silent prayer and thanked my angels for allowing me to witness such act of kindness. I understood the delight of giving magnanimously!

Two days back a similar incident happened to me. The weather has become really cold in the last one week in Gurgaon. My maid, Saroj Didi asked me for a pair of socks. While I was giving her one, her daughter and son looked at me with expecting eyes, but said nothing! I removed another two new pair of socks and handed them. They smiled and got excited like Dobby from Harry Potter after being handed a pair of socks that liberated him from the slavery misery 😉 All during that time I continued considering how a couple of socks that made no difference to me and are something that I continue losing regularly, can mean such a great amount to these adorable children. The next morning they stroll up to me wearing the socks and a grin all over, to my surprise they take my hand, wish me happy new year and gift me a new red pen. Not only I was marveled by their thoughtfulness, but also felt deeply happy by their gesture.
That moment I felt that if there is something I need to be known for, is my kindness and grace. Because no act of kindness is ever wasted! Don’t teach your kids to be academically sound, teach them the language of kindness, the act of sitting with a lonely kid and offering him a helping hand.
Wherever you go, just throw kindness like confetti!