If it’s winter it must be Delhi, if it’s monsoon it must be Mumbai!

I couldn’t agree more with this statement! Although, I am born in Dehradun and hills have always been my home, my major upbringing has been in Bombay. And hence experiencing winters was only during the yearly holidays that we took.  Because clearly in Bombay we have only Rains and Summers! Sigh. A winter that also comes with winter wears has always been a long cherished dream of every Mumbai resident.

Okay, so obviously I was very excited and looked forward to the winters. My happiness knew no bounds when the cold nights finally approached and my hoodies called me. I stood on the terrace even though it was freezing cold, I turned on my favorite tracks ( 90’s music) and I let the cold air whip my hair around. I smiled because winters had finally arrived! I have always loved the gray winter days and enjoyed dressing in baggy cardigans and oversized hoodies.

But, there was a problem…I didn’t have a winter wardrobe!

Like I did have some essentials, but clearly, I wanted to splurge on some smart winter clothing! So, I went ahead and literally hoarded everything from Coats, jackets, beanies, fancy warm socks, shrugs, stoles to boots! Delhi has some of the best places to go for winter shopping which is not heavy in your pocket. I managed to get my hands on an overcoat which was for just INR 600. Too good to be true isn’t it?! Delhi has the best winter fashion and people here dress in style, another reason I didn’t wanted to feel left behind. So I shopped, shopped and shopped till my dad warned me about my expenses and mom complained about not having enough space to store all my winter clothing back home. Our flats in Bombay, are the size of matchboxes compared to big bungalows in Delhi and so they can take either us or bulky clothing, not both.


P.S. People here store winter clothes in trunks!!

While I was loving the cold cozy nights and warm blankets, the task of every day getting up in the morning and leaving the cozy blanket behind became daunting! Even worse was the idea of taking bath in the morning. The journey from my bed to the bathroom required so much convincing and will power every morning. I don’t know how people do that every morning where it’s snowing and the temperature is below 0 degrees?! Like, it should be illegal to move out from your bed :p

Did I say winters make you super lazy? I mean good lazy. All I did think about was curling with a good book on my bed with steaming hot cup of tea or packing my bags and leaving for holidays. And the sudden urge of eating good food! A bowl of soup and maggie seemed like such comfort foods! Also never have I enjoyed more soaking up the sunshine sitting on my terrace and doing absolutely nothing.

Needless to say, next year, I will miss Delhi winters. From savoring peanut gajaks, steamed momos, gajjar ka halwa and chai in a kulhar, Delhi is an absolute delight in winter season as an air of euphoria floats about in the air! Not to forget the winter wedding season that is famous in Delhi. I will miss the comfort of getting away with a faded t-shirt under the overcoat? I mean who notices what you are wearing underneath? 😛


For the last time, I absolutely love winters!