Okay, till date I regret to have not picked up a skill. I always wanted to play guitar, but it didn’t happen. But I have made a promise to myself that once I am back, I want to pick up Gardening. Yes, I am going to do it!

Though, this blog isn’t about that. It’s about a golden advice and the person, who motivated me to be passionately curious and to go ahead and find things that make me happy. One of them being, picking up a hobby and making it a way of life. Three weeks back, I complained to my professor about how life sometimes feel so monotonous and stagnated! Almost all of us experience this boredom, which feels likes an emotional weight or a feeling of doom. To which my professor replied that it’s the most natural thing to happen and will only become more daunting as I am bogged down with more responsibilities in the future. So what’s the solution? Do you sulk at the dullness of your life? Or keep waiting for the holiday plans to materialise? No! Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away ( btw I hate apples!), a hobby a day keeps all your doldrums away. While our everyday work abosrbs our brain, a hobby occupies most of our heart.

My professor shared with us how he indulges in so many activities and have many hobbies. Right from photography, cooking, playing an instrument, photography, reading everything about cars, a collecting different genres of music to creating an art out of junk and so much more. Mind you he is 60 years old! We all complain about having no time or being busy ( in a student’s case like me, we want to believe that we have no time or we have so much to do!), but the fact is that in spite of being busy and involving ourselves in productive Work-Life-Balancework everyday, we all experience stagnation of spirits and imagination. And hence it’s important to get out from the daily rut. Experimenting and exploring new avenues is always a good idea to infuse freshness even in the most mundane daily routines. It will be worth the sacrifice of that extra one hour of sleep in the morning or watching television and endless moments on social media browsing in night! ( well, the social media is for me :p ).

To all the readers who are reading this blog and relate to what I feel, Find a new hobby! Something you haven’t tried before, something fresh.  It could be a long walk or a run too to clear your head. Dissociate from negative people and just explore your creativity. It’s never too late for anything! Open your heart and pursue a hobby. 🙂


P.S. A big thank you to my professor for sharing this golden advice and inspiring me to go ahead and tickle my mind every now and then to go about with my daily routine with a refreshed mind. 🙂

Would love to know what you all do to break the monotony of life in the comments below!