Since I was a kid it was a dream to travel out of India. Especially, the beautiful countryside and the picturesque towns. Thanks to my books!

Finally, that day arrived. You know what they say about dreams? Dream until you dreams come true. đŸ™‚

I am traveling to Monaco for 3 months specialization as an extension to my course in Luxury Hospitality and Events. Also, this is my first time traveling abroad. So you can guess my excitement and anxiety!

The huge task for me was the packing! I mean agreed it’s sensible to travel light and since I was traveling alone, my parents insisted that I travel as light as possible. Yeah, like that was possible!

What do you mean by travel light? I love clothes and shopping and needless to say the more the better. Hence, to pick out from the lot was daunting. Moreover, my mother went berserk after she heard that I was to carry eight sunglasses. I own fifteen different pairs, how do I know which one I would need?! Ultimately, we came down to five sunglasses. And when mom was distracted, I quickly packed four different hats in my luggage. (Clearly, you understand  my struggle by now). Packing footwear is an another problem! Deciding just a minimal number of pairs to satisfy your formal, casual and evening wear needs. To top it off, I am a huge junk jewelry fan and like matching it with my every outfit. So, I even hadpack-light to make space for them.

Clearly, I don’t understand the term travel light. Thankfully, the airlines I was traveling from allowed 46+10 kg. But, I only relaxed after I checked-in my luggage without having to pay an extra baggage fee.

Nevertheless, this first trip will allow me to learn. And hopefully, after some trips, I manage the art to travel light. đŸ™‚

P.S. It’s been three days in France & I can already rule out things that I won’t need and things that I actually would need. Sigh! ( I am such a confused girl!)