We all have heard about how we need to live the moment and enjoy our life everyday. Because this is not a rehearsal my friend! But how many times do we actually live the moment, let our hair down and dance like no one is watching. Well, in Nice, people do that a lot often.

Last Sunday, my host Mireille, offered me to visit a beautiful rose garden in20170514_173839.jpg the neighbourhood and a community fair later on that happens on all the Sundays in the month of May. The rose garden was beautiful with different colours of roses. Standing amidst the aisle that you see in the picture, I couldn’t help but wonder what a perfect wedding aisle this would make. Well, it’s also a coincidence that both my mother and Mireille loves roses. It’s also commendable how people maintain their natural property here and most importantly keep it clean. Something that Indians need to learn and follow.

So, talking about the fair. It was a typical fun and fair that you have with an activity area, food and ice-cream stalls and stalls selling some artifacts. What was really interesting about this fair, was the local flavor in every corner. The stalls were selling the local food, one of them being the famous ‘Socca’, it’s made out of chickpeas and is something we have in India as well. Few other stalls selling cold beer and ice tea. We even had a puppet show corner and the people there wore the traditional outfit of Nice. There was a photo booth where you had a wooden cut out of a local boy and girl wearing the traditional outfit of Nice, and you could put your face in the hole to click a picture. The best part was the activity area. I have never had so much fun watching old people dance. They also have a pageant round every year and announce a young girl as the winner of the festival. She is present at the event on all the Sundays, adorning a crown, a sachet of her title and wearing the lovely traditional dress of Nice. Often seen dancing away with everyone who politely asks her to dance.


Nice, as a city is majorly populated with old people. The reason being the climate which is usually sunny and comparatively less cold than the other areas around. But that didn’t affect the energy levels on the dance floor! The floor majorly had oldies and handful of young people, but believe me, the young ones were far behind in matching the zeal of the old ones. At that moment I realised looking at them that life is about living these small moments and age is just an excuse! Young at heart they say. The couples were dressed in their best attire and no matter how fragile or old they were, didn’t shy away from shaking a leg and manoeuvring with their loved ones. The joy of seeing old couples dance is heart warming. I too wish to dance with my loved one when I am 60 years old and all wrinkled up. 😉 (I couldn’t upload the videos here, but you can head to my Instagram page @mehaksareen and check the videos. Trust me you will enjoy the videos!)

I couldn’t help, but come home and tell my parents to live their life. To stop complaining that we are turning old or what the society will say or think (In India that’s a huge thing and a hurdle for any flight ever taken to live your dream or just enjoy). Also to stop planning for the future or spending each day of their lives for their children and contemplating what the future might hold and start living for themselves in the present. In literal sense let their hair loose and dance to the music called life.

I had an absolutely lovely day and was inspired by the oldies. Their enthusiasm and laughter were infectious. It also happened to be Mother’s day and I absolutely enjoyed celebrating it with my French family here.

So while life may be not be a party you hoped for, but dance anyway 😉

P.S. Sharing picture of Mireille and Antonio. I am so glad they took me along.