He loves me. He protects me. And all he desires is for me to succeed. This one is for you dadoo.

This blog is special! I remember a while back, my dad appreciated my blog posts and jokingly said when will you write a blog on your father? And I had replied, ‘One-day dad!’. That day is today 🙂

I choose to pen it down now as I am on my way to a short trip to Milan and Paris before I leave for Home (I can’t wait to be back!), and I can’t help, but feel blessed and thankful to both my parents for first believing in me and allowing me to come all the way to Monaco to fulfill my dreams and then for letting me take this trip. I remember when I was a child, my father always wanted the best for us and was disciplined when it came to our dressing and our lifestyle. To be honest, it used to irk me when my dad used to stress upon polishing my school shoes every day or eating almonds everyday before I left for school. Later on, I realized that he never had the facilities that I as a child had and continue to have today. For him, a pair of shoes was all he had when he used to go to school. And all he wanted was for me and my sister to value what we had and always worked hard to give us the best. I feel very proud in mentioning the fact that my father is a self-made man. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, in fact, he struggled his way to the top and is a successful man today. With his selflessness and clean heart, he kept winning the hearts of people all the while and continues to do so ( It’s fathers day! I am allowed to brag about my daddy today. :p ). Though I must tell you that I am not a fan of his philanthropist behavior all the time as he is often taken for granted by the people around.

Before pursuing this course, I had already done my MBA and was working. When I decided to pursue an additional diploma in luxury brand management, I suggested to my dad that I could take a loan and once I start earning back again, I could repay it through my salary, but he rejected my suggestion and said, I am still capable of taking care of you! I knew at that moment, he meant, go chase your dreams and I got your back. And off I went to fulfill my dreams, travel the world and make him proud.

I have now finished my course and will soon start with my internship or job in a months time. While I have opportunities out of India, I want to go back and be closer to my family. I want to be there for them and have our moments together. My mentor once mentioned to me, the life outside work is what sustains us. I couldn’t agree more. My dad never asks anything in return and only wants me to be independent so that I can look after myself and be a strong woman.But, if you ask me, as a child I feel it’s my duty and love for them that wants me to return back to them and give back by just being close to them and seeing to their needs in any way possible. My only desire now is to get settled in my career and make him proud. Give him all the happiness and comforts of life (This is getting emotional, I need to stop).

Last thing, a message for you daddy!

Dear daddy,

You’re getting old, even though you still refer to yourself as a 25-year dude. When I was young, I always wrapped my hand around your little finger while crossing the road because I always was unsure and scared. I still am the same! But you always made sure that I was safe. You held my hand then and you continue to hold my heart forever. Just know daddy that I am here now for you too and I will never leave you alone. But also know that no matter how old I get or where I go in future, I will still look for your little finger when life becomes tough.

Happy father’s day dadoo. I love you as much as I love to argue with you :p