We all agree that we millennials are bitten by the travel bug. I mean I have a huge crush on the world and wants to visit as many places as I can before I call it quits.

The best thing about staying in the south of France is that you can visit most of the popular tourists’ destinations easily by train, bus and easy jets with a very economical fare charges if booked in advance. Initially, the idea was to travel to Paris only, but later my friend from India joined me and we decided to take a trip to Milan as well.

Now, if you are on a student budget, I suggest you travel by Ouibus/Flixbus when in Europe. Not only do they provide great connectivity, but also are light in your pockets. And the plus is Wifi on board! 😉 I had downloaded the App called Busradar which basically helps you with all the available options to travel from one place to another and  I did all my bookings from the app. For my stay, I opted for the usual Airbnb options and was lucky to find good apartments at very good prices. Though, both Milan and Paris provides you with some great youth hostel options as well. Later, we realized that picking up a hostel would have been a better option since it would have allowed us to meet other fellow travelers of our age and saved a lot of thinking about what to visit or not visit when visiting a new city. But since we were a little picky on the hygiene factor for our washrooms and unsure about the condition of common washrooms in these hostels, we opted for an Airbnb. Though, next time it will definitely be a hostel when traveling solo or with friends!

Some quicks tips on booking; I was late in my bookings, so if you do advance booking you can save a lot of money. The Euro Rail and SNCF are a great option to travel in a shorter duration to Italy and anywhere in France in comfort and on a budget. And if you’re a student like me, you can avail some great discounts! Besides, you also have an option to opt for Easyjet flights which are very economical. The only problem is that they allow only one luggage weighing 7kgs for shorter routes. Hence, if you are like my friend with shopping on your mind when traveling to Milan, clearly train/bus is a better option. I took a Flixbus from Nice to Milan which takes around 3.5 to 4 hours and is a very comfortable ride with Wifi on board, a clean toilet and charging sockets. Also, when you do booking on an Airbnb please check if they provide you with air conditioning facility especially if you are visiting during summer. Because let’s be honest, summers in Europe can be very very hot! Somehow, I missed this small detail and took it for obvious and to my dismay found myself lying on the bed with a small table fan only enough to cool our face after a tiring day spent roaming in the sun.

We stayed for 2.5 days in Milan with one day planned for Como. Now, we wanted to take a trip to Florence or Rome from Milan since it was a journey of 5-6 hours from Milan, but later we realized that it would turn out to be too hectic and our Airbnb host also had the same opinion. Instead, we opted for the lake city, Como which treated us to the views of the Swiss Alps and clearly was one of our best decisions.

Stay tuned for the next blog that will talk about the days spent in Milan and Como, the hurdles we faced, the people we met and the best pizza I ever had!

Below in the picture is my friend who traveled to Milan and Paris with me. Here we are waiting for the bus to Milan from Nice!